The wonderful effects of Gialive in the body and the mind

01/31/2008 — 1 Comentario

“Been sleeping a lot since I got the Omega 3 and added it to NT.
It seems that my body needs a lot of time to get used to feel good so my brain shuts down so that my body can be at rest as it knits itself.
Other psychological changes besides the changes in my body…
too many to name had nightmare this morning…usually the type when I awaken…I don’t want to go back to sleep…for I know I will pick up right where I left off. But when I awakened…I noted the dream…turned over…and went right back to sleep.
No fear at all. Understood the lesson and the warning…implicit in the nightmare. The message comes in nightmarish form…because I have a hard head…and the shock of the nightmare is designed to get my attention. That basically is the essence of all the nightmares…as they occur today.
In the past…nightmares were prisons that I could not awaken from…until long after I had been traumatized by them…and spit out of the dream into my waking awareness…eyes bloodshot…heart hammering against my ribs…and feeling like I have never slept, tired to the bone.
I find it still quite fascinating to go to sleep in one position…and wake up in the same position…that feels really good. Puts a grin on my face.”


Una respuesta para The wonderful effects of Gialive in the body and the mind

    Ariadna Albarran 02/07/2008 en 11:34 PM

    Hola, a través de una tía me dijeron de los productos de Gialive y me parecieron muy interesantes, sólo que quisiera tener mayor información, ya que sería para tratar a una persona con cáncer muy avanzado, si es que hay algun beneficio en su estado, él es mi primo y nos urge tener contacto con alguien que nos apoye para saber qué medicamento le puede favorecer más por su situación. Le envío mis datos para poder contactarnos o a través de este medio electrónico de los mails me seria muy útil.
    Agradezco la atencion al presente,
    Saludos Ariadna

    Me gusta


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