Conferencia en el Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara

05/16/2007 — 5 comentarios


El Ing. Edgar Arroyo dictó la conferencia “El Arte de Emprender” el pasado 23 de Abril en el Salón de Congresos del Tec de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara.
Organizada por los alumnos de la Licenciatura en Creación y Desarrollo de Empresas y siendo extensiva la invitación a toda la comunidad universitaria.

5 comentarios para Conferencia en el Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara

    Alejandra Rodríguez 06/21/2007 en 8:41 AM

    Tuve oportunidad de asistir a la conferencia que dictó en el Tec. de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara a las carreras de Emprendedores, y aunque he asistido a varias conferencias no había tenido la oportunidad de palpar tan de cerca el nacimiento de una empresa y cómo creció a pesar de todos los obstáculos que se le presentaron. Pero sobre todo dejó huella en mí el cómo un proyecto puede ser exitoso cuando conlleva un objetivo de responsabilidad social.
    Gracias por su ponencia. Fué realmente motivante y alentadora.

    Me gusta


    Mr Arroyo, it was a plessure to be in your Lecture.


    Yong Zhang

    Me gusta


    Dear Mr. Arroyo,

    My name is Yong Zhang. I am the Chinese student that you met at Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara with Reyes. I would like to say that the lecture that you gave is the best one we ever had. The reason is because other lecture that we had before is mainly about how to build a business, how it works, and how to make your company bigger.
    But your lecture is different. Its primary focus is how the company expanded not just for business, but with the desire to help people.
    And it is even more interesting for me because I have no interest in biology or business, and your lecture let me see a different perspective of biology and business. And the question I have for you is what is the involvement of engineers in your company and researches that you do. Also I am wondering if you can send me more information on the Andy Project because when I look online the result they give me is either no result at all or they are in Spanish. Thank you for your time and sorry for any inconvenience.

    Yong Zhang

    Me gusta


    Edgar Arroyo
    Mr. Arroyo,

    I hope that English is ok in emails. I should perhaps try Spanish, but maybe in our future correspondence I will attempt that. First of all, I just wanted to thank you again for a very good presentation. I was the student that was speaking to you at the end of the presentation regarding exercise supplements etcetera. I did have one other brief question for you before I go back into that topic. I saw your book flash on the screen during your presentation. I believe the translation of the title was, “ All for my son.” Is that correct? I wanted to know if that book has been translated into English, and also where I might be able to purchase it?

    The United States as you have said is a HUGE marketplace for anything “nutritional” and obviously the problem is today that no one knows what “nutritional” really means when it comes to the thousands of products that are available. I am not sure how much interest you have about exercise supplements, but I challenge you on Google US to type in “lifting supplement” and see how many websites come up. I got OVER 1.2 million websites. The marketplace is huge with millions of dollars in annual sales if not billions (it has been a while since I refreshed my numbers). I must say I would personally be interested in trying ProtenGia for my own natural benefit as well as in conjunction with a diet/exercise plan. My diet has certainly taken a turn for the worse since getting to Mexico for the semester since I have been away from my normal setting of buying my foods as well as my vitamins and nutritional supplements. Anyway, your informal proposition about looking into some sort of program really intrigued me. I would like to discuss this further.

    Once you get some rest back from the jet-lag, I look forward to your response on this topic. Also, I cannot guarantee anything at all, but a thought comes to mind. I am currently affiliated with an all-natural nutritional supplement company. I am very close with managers as well as the CEO/President. I have been talking with them for the past year or two about the development of a better protein product, something more well rounded, something that would hit their current target for normal nutritional supplementing as well as hit the target of younger athletic people that are looking for that “magic protein that does it all.” Something of the ProtenGia nature, initially seems to fit perfectly. I will only say something to the company after discussing with you further, but I wanted to make the suggestion. Thank you very much, and like I said, after catching up on your sleep, I am extremely excited to continue talking to you about this!


    Adam Detwiler
    Boston University ’09

    Me gusta


    Para Ing. Edgar Arroyo:

    Hola Ing. Edgar Arroyo, deseo agradecerle personalmente porque la conferencia que nos brindó fué extraordinaria, en el Tec hemos tenido cientos de conferencias pero ninguna que nos permitiera explorar lo empresarial, lo didáctico con los valores sociales que en un país como este, Ing. Arroyo, hacen tanta falta.
    Ing. arroyo muchas gracias por todo su apoyo y su persona, habrá que agradecerle a sus padres el que México tenga una persona tan valiosa como usted.

    Gracias por todo Ing. Arroyo

    Jessica Moore

    Me gusta


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